Don't let your past hinder your future! School of Affluence will teach you how you can create a luxurious lifestyle and rub shoulders with the rich!

The 7-Step Formula To High-Society is a course for women who want to fine-tune their elegance, social grace & enter the elite community.



Unlock the secrets on how to become a woman of the upper-class!

This self-study, online course offers a video-based training program for women who want to become more elegant and live an upscale life.

Students will learn successful strategies on how to enter the high-society, transform themselves to classy women and establish connections that will take their life to the level of the elite.

"A lifestyle coach to those seeking to penetrate the upper echelons"

Cosmopolitan UK
September 2018

Your teacher

The School of Affluence is led by Anna Bey, the creator of JetsetBabe.com; a luxury lifestyle community for women who enjoy the finer things in life.

After 13 years of experience with rich people and jet-setting around the world, Anna decided to start an educational platform for women who want to better themselves & level up.

Having done this journey herself in combination with many years of researching and analyzing the high society - Anna is the first to spill the secrets in a way that has never been done before!


Enrollment is now open. Price will be increasing in November 2018. Grab it now at its lowest!

This course is for you if:

  • You’re done with your past and you're ready to level up!
  • You want to dress classy and improve your overall appearance
  • You want to learn class and decorum to blend in with the upper-class
  • Your desire is to have a comfortable lifestyle where money is not an issue
  • You're done with dating average Joe's and want to have success with wealthy men
  • You're ready for a life in first class, for extravagance and rubbing shoulders with the rich
  • You don't know how to go about it & need strategies that will help you get to where you want to be!



The course is taught online so you can be located in any part of the world! The only thing you will need is either a computer, tablet or smartphone with an internet connection - and you're good to go!


Each Monday morning, one module released in your course platform. Every Thursday, your teacher will be present in the Facebook group to answer questions in a live stream.


In a private Facebook group, you will interact with other students, ask questions & share your homework. The course leader will be actively answering questions and provide additional resources. 


▸ How to enter the elite circles
▸ How to fit into the high-society
▸ How to look like an affluent woman
▸ How to make wealthy connections
▸ How to find a rich man
▸ How to get a life full of extravagance

...and much more!


This online self-study course will teach you the formula to enter the high-society in following seven steps:


Get to know the elite community & understand the 9 crucial areas you'll have to refine to become more affluent. 


Behave like a lady of the elite: improve your body language, conversation skills, manners, etiquette & overall behavior. 


Develop an affluent image: Learn how to look like a high-caliber woman. Dress classy & do a transformation to look like a million dollars.


Master the art of social climbing! Learn how to make important connections with influential people & successfully expand your network! 


Meet a wealthy man & learn how to date rich men. Everything you must know about elite dating do's & don'ts!


Beginner strategies - Where to live? How to finance everything? Strategy for a low budget? How to start from scratch as a beginner?


Intermediate & advanced strategies - How to get in to the right circles? How to be great at social climbing? How to behave around rich men? How to make wealthy men sponsor your life?


Bonus 1: Ebook "How To Be Classy" by Anna Bey.
Bonus 2: Workbook with coaching material that will put your practice in action!
Bonus 3: Private & exclusive FaceBook community

Course Registration

Enrollment is now open. Price will be increasing November 2018. Grab it now at its lowest!

Frequently Asked Questions

This is the name of the actual course in the School of Affluence. It's there to break down the 7 essential steps a woman have to perfect, to become successful in the elite community and reach her desired goals. 

Yes, it's suited for students of all levels. The course material is covering both elementary and more advanced information, in a mix that is applicable for women of all levels.

No. You will get access to your first module on Monday October 1st 2018. Then, for 7 weeks to come, each Monday morning (GMT) you will get another module released. 

It's a secret group on Facebook (meaning nobody can see you being a member and your teacher has to manually add you). This space will be shared with other course students, where you will get further  inspiration, motivation and support from your course teacher. It's also a great way to connect with others who are on the same path as you. 

You won't need to install anything! All you need is a device with an internet connection, and you'll find everything online once you log in to the course platform.

There is no physical location for this course. Everything is taught online. 

The course payment can be done either in one full payment of $199 or split it two payments of $100 over a period of two months. You can choose either way at the course registration page.

No. On Monday mornings next module will be released. On Thursdays (time yet to be announced) your teacher will have a live stream in the Facebook group answering questions. There is no attendance required neither on Mondays or Thursdays. It's just for you to know when the material will be available, and if you want to be present for the Q&A, it's all up to you! You will be able to re-watch it after!

The Investment

With coaching programs costing around $3000 and same goes for designer handbags, this course is an investment in your future! It can open up incredible opportunities for you and offer a bigger payout than the price you pay for the course. Now with a special offer, celebrating the launch of the course! (Limited time only, pricing is subject to increase after November 2018)

"An online finishing school for classy women"

The Times UK
October 2018

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